Smart Drinking


Sitting at this desk, telling my story isn’t easy.  This glass of scotch whiskey warms the nerves a little.  I’m nervous, because I have to relive my darkest memories in order to relearn them.  Experiences like jail, talking about subjects like suicide and embarrassing memories are tough to tell.

My goal is to expose the opportunity to create a self-awareness of our own characteristics when we drink.

Everyone has something about them they wish wasn’t true.  It’s an awful feeling coming face to face with truths we don’t like about ourselves.  The embarrassing ones are the ones we hate, but it is a part of who we are.  When recognized, they can be used as strengths.

Thanks to my own personal journey, I now have many more positive memories involving alcohol by learning how to effectively avoid the negative ones.


We can avoid DUIs like STDs.


And by DUIs (driving under the influence) I mean negative consequences after drinking alcohol.  Think about it, getting too drunk is our own choice by drinking.  Which means all the horrendous stats in the world about drinking are repetitive actions and are avoidable with a little self-protection.  That’s right.  I compare smart drinking like safe sex.

A way exists to minimize the negative decisions and consequences.  It took years of piecing it all together to grasp I couldn’t drink to a certain degree like other people.  I realized I am different.

Abstinence and sobriety was never my cup of tea.  Sobriety and carefree drinking are not the only options.  I call it the Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow strategy.

It’s looking at what you can control that makes the difference in whether or not you wake up in your bed, jail cell or hospital bed.  I want college students to have the opportunity to experience their lifestyles and enjoy the memories of them.  Our lives are too brief to be wasted with regret.  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, especially in college.  I want people to not only have a good time, but wake up knowing a good time was made with some right decisions.



Real Talk


First, let’s be clear.  There is a such thing as too much drinking.  I’m not even talking about the health side.  Besides the fact you can literally die from both drinking too much in one night or heavy your whole life.  I’m talking about no matter who we are, there is a point if we drink enough alcohol we lose control of our night.  At some point we might as well be possessed, because our body control, emotional control and decision-making are all lost in the wind.

Think of yourself walking down a bridge with no rails on each side.  The width of the bridge is different for each person.  The road gets skinnier with each drink.  Some people’s roads start skinny as a sidewalk, others thin as a tight rope.  Imagine each drink makes balancing within the edges of the bridge more and more difficult.  The person with the road as wide as a house can handle many drinks before the potential of tumbling over the edge.  The person starting on a tight rope may not be able to have even one drink with fear of falling to their doom.  We are all different, which means we all react to alcohol differently down to the physical and mental levels.  What is too much will vary for each person.

The physical reactions when we are drunk are the obvious ones.  Understanding why and what mental reaction takes place when people are drunk is as easy as catching a fish in the water with your bare hands.



Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


To do this we have to self evaluate our past drinking experiences.  Doing this, will create a self-awareness of who we are today.  Understanding who we are today will reveal what actions will minimalize bad consequences so we can keep tomorrow’s goals alive.


I’ll go first so you understand.  We’ll need to rewind time.


I use my real name, but I’ve changed the names of all the characters to protect their ……


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