Run, Run

Drinking - PREFACE: RUN, RUN - College Under the Influence


I wish I wasn’t so drunk when it happened.


Everyone looked at me panicking for an exit door.  I made it through the crowd and took off as fast as possible.  I didn’t know where I was running, but I had to get away.  I tried to catch my breath with loud, deep gasps of air.  My face was hurting pretty bad.  Why though?  I touched my cheek and felt warm swollen skin.  I could barely see out of my puffy eyes and the night didn’t help.  I crossed a street and made it to a tree line of a small patch of woods.  I stopped to gather myself. “What just happened?  Where was I?”

Only seconds had passed while I tried to catch my breath.  Two bright lights blinded me as a car pulled into the same parking lot where I was standing.  “Thank God!”  It was probably my friends!

Two shadows stepped out of the car.  I heard, “That’s him! That’s him!”  I realized it wasn’t my friends!  I turned and ran towards the woods.  I fell right away with weak legs.  I felt like a fucking damsel in distress.  I had zero fight, zero strength, and the worst part was I felt the weakness.  It was a fact like gravity.

I wasn’t getting away.  “Oh God, Oh no, no, no, no.”  I was on all fours crawling away in a panic.  Swing after swing hit me in the face.  Every spot I covered, another would get hit through the gap.  My face and ribs tenderized with each unchallenged blow.  My vision began to fade.  This was my lowest moment. The moment I had to yell out and beg.  “Please!  Stop!  Please!  I’m sorry!  I’m sorry!  Please!  Please!”


My name is Sean Reed and college was a fucking roller coaster.


This book is based on a true story and research regarding college students drinking alcohol, and the ability to overcome negative consequences by creating a self-awareness for safer drinking.

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