The truth became obvious for me once I recognized the patterns of my most hated memories.  Something finally clicked.  I combed through my history with a million questions.  Can I not handle any alcohol?  Did I eat before?  How early before?  Did I drink water before I started drinking?  How much water did I drink?  Did I drink water in between any alcoholic drinks?  Did I drink beer?  Liquor?  Wine?  Shots?  Damn, how many shots?  Straight shots or was it those mixed sugary shots?  Did I drink energy drinks too?  Seriously, can I not handle alcohol?  What drinking games did I play?  How long did we pregame?  How drunk was I before the bars or the party?  Did I drive drunk?  Did I not have a ride home set up before going out?  Did I let my friends drive drunk?  How was my mood before drinking?  What time did I start?  What time did I end?  What were my consequences?  Good?  Bad?  What were my actions?  What could I have controlled if I did it all over again?  A healthy answer to any of these simple questions will make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your night.  A few good decisions before the drinking kicks off can truly give the right motion towards a night with positive outcomes.





Once I dug up some of my past stories from drinking, I had a bucket of questions to ask myself moving forward.  Any question I ask myself today will help me best place my goals for tomorrow.

Do we have a ride set up?  Are we going to eat?  What time are we starting?  Even if I fail at something like take too many shots, other actions I take can share the wait of balance in not getting sloppy drunk.  If I took too many shots, but I drank two waters in between, and ate a cheeseburger beforehand, I will have a better chance to not go from zero to ten too fast to control.  Say I had a captain and coke before food too.  I could switch to beer at the end of the night.  Maybe a pass on one out of the next two shots offered my way.  This is a score towards winning control over how drunk I get and the speed I get there.  The trick is to find your own sweet spot.  The point you’re still comfortable with your self-control.





Looking back at “yesterday” I learned a self-awareness of myself “today”.  By taking action today, I help influence a positive outcome for what I want out of “tomorrow”.  Plan on joining the Air Force or want to be any type of pilot?  Drinking and driving will ruin your plans.  A DUI will make obstacles the size of mountains.  Want to join the FBI or work in politics?  Disorderly conduct charges will throw up red flags on your job applications.  Polygraph tests given for government jobs are ….



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