The night I earned my DUI, I was cut short of a monstrous combo meal from McDonald’s.  I specifically remember this because when I shamefully retrieved my car the next day; it had a potent French fry smell that had been hot boxing in my sealed car all night and all morning.

I was in Marietta the day it happened because I drove down to Marietta to return some finalized papers to court from my first arrest.  I finished everything for the diversion program.  I was a few months shy from completion.

I visited my old friends from football, Kolby, Parker and Wyatt.  My Friday night had something in store.  It was after the season had ended. The guys only had basic meetings and workouts together.  Parker recently had knee surgery because of a torn ACL.  With a bum knee, he obviously didn’t have to lift weights with the team.  I stayed back and had some drinks in the dorm with him.  Time went on as more and more people joined us in cards and beers.  Now it was 3am and I was wasted.

Unfortunately, I had a sudden urge to sleep in my own bed, back home in Akron.  I decided to journey home.  Two hours north up the highway, drunk at 3am.  I know, genius right?

I hopped in my car and began my quest home, but not before a high priority stop.  I needed food.  To my luck, right before the highway entrance, brightly shined a red sign with golden arches.  If I remember correctly, I supersized my combo.

I turned onto the entrance ramp and began my acceleration.  I made it to the highway and was about three miles into my one-hundred and twenty-four-mile journey home via el automobile.  All of a sudden red and blue flashing lights reflected in every mirror on my car.  The inside of my car looked like a disco dance floor.

I pulled over, put my car in park, and trembled while I put my foot on the brake.  The officer was getting out of his car when I took my foot off of the break.  The car started rolling backwards.  The officer yelled out “whoa! Whoa! WHOA!”  What was it I thought?  I put my broken gear one click short before park…. in reverse….


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