About the Author

     It was early fall before the semester began.  I sat down in a large auditorium for freshman orientation.  I made it out of high school and landed myself at The University of Akron in northeast Ohio.  The orientation leader told all of us in our seats, “Look to your left, now look to your right.  One of you will drop out of college and won’t graduate.”  Then and there I had the cards stacked against me in becoming another failed statistic.  I learned I had to make sure my grades and attendance carried me to graduation day.  Life outside of the classroom never seemed to be the problem.

     After graduating college I had two accomplishments from my college years I had to communicate on every job application.  First was my Bachelor’s degree.  Second was the criminal record I earned through my journey in college.  My party pattern was more than the arrests.  I had been in fights, bad relationships, suicidal experiences, assaulted, embarrassing sexual situations, broken friendships, missed opportunities, and so much more.  The common denominators… alcohol and not having a self awareness of my drinking characteristics.

     My name is Sean Reed, and this is my journey though college and how I learned to master alcohol consumption for myself.  Once I started asking the right questions, I discovered answers I believe I was destined to share.

     I attended a couple different colleges, but graduated from The University of Akron in 2010.  I grew up in Akron, Ohio playing sports and making friends.  I married my college sweetheart and our children have four legs, wet noses and furry tails.  Yes we have dogs, not kids.  We have a large golden retriever and a boxer/beagle mix and they poop just as much as kids.

     The book College Under the Influence is based on a true story and research regarding college students drinking alcohol, and the ability to overcome negative consequences by creating a self-awareness for safer drinking.

     Here goes nothing.

     -Sean Reed

Akron, Ohio

Contact email: collegeundertheinfluence@gmail.com